Thursday, 12 January 2012

... and i thought tumblr was confusing.

After what feels like a decade of trying to find a site that would meet my blogging needs suitably, I stumbled upon Blogger and after the prompting of a couple of people, decided to make myself an account.

I'm not sure how frequently I'll write, or how much I'll pour into this. I'm not certain whether or not it'll even make a whole lot of sense, but these next few months are going to come with a lot of really big, really scary changes and I feel like having something like this is definitely going to assist me in coping.

I've always been a writer. Ever since I was a little girl, my imagination has been my salvation in some truly dark and daunting times. I've sought solace in the words I unload onto pieces of scrap paper, and the heroes and villains, and universes my innocent mind created. Even when writing autobiographically, like in a journal or previous blogs I've had, I found that simply unleashing my thoughts and feelings truly helped me make it through an awful lot of experiences I'm not sure I would have, had it not been for writing.

Anyway, Blogger confuses me, but I'm going to stick with it and maybe, I'll make it out of here alive.

keep dreaming,

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Likely to have something to do with my favourite band: Attack of the Mannequins.

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